20 April 2022

26 April: World Intellectual Property Day

On 26 April every year, Intellectual Property is celebrated on a global scale, to commemorate the establishment of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). Intellectual...
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14 April 2022

NFTs as Cryptoassets: The Next Dot-com Bubble?

The late 1990s to early 2000s were a time when the internet – still in its infancy – was akin to the wild-west; new, uncharted, and rapidly growing in usage and adoption. The...
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6 April 2022

GDPR Implementation in Cyprus

Alexandros Georgiades and Ioanna Sapidou are the authors of ‘Cypriot implementation of the GDPR’, an article reproduced from Thomson Reuters with the permission of the...
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28 February 2022

Lex Mundi Global M&A Trends Report

The Global M&A Trends Report, produced by the Lex Mundi Cross-Border Transactions (CBT) Group, sets out the Lex Mundi member firms’ insights and predictions for 2022 in...
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17 February 2022

Lex Mundi Global Anti-Corruption Compliance Guide

We are pleased to announce our firm’s participation in the updated Lex Mundi Global Anti-Corruption Compliance Guide which summarizes regulatory regimes in more than 70...
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1 February 2022

Legal reform as a catalyst for social enterprise

Social enterprises have a vital role to play in bridging the gap between government and business efforts for social change. Although social enterprises can be found in all corners...
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25 January 2022

‘A flag of progress and quality’ – Ship Registration in Cyprus

Inspired by the motto ‘a flag of progress and quality’, Cyprus hosts the 11th largest merchant fleet by flag registration in the world and the 3rd largest within the EU. The...
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7 December 2021

Litigation 2022, Cyprus

Our firm is the contributor of the Cyprus chapter in the Chambers & Partners Litigation 2022 Global Practice Guide. The new Litigation 2022 guide provides the latest legal...
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18 November 2021

EEA access tracker for non-EEA financial services firms

With a total population of 446 million inhabitants and a nominal collective GDP of around USD 14 trillion, the European Union (“EU”) represents the world’s second largest...
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3 November 2021

Lex Mundi Global Attorney-Client Privilege Guide

The expanded Lex Mundi Global Attorney-Client Privilege Guide is the broadest resource available of its kind. This first-of-its-kind guide allows users to compare common and civil...
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8 September 2021

Employment Law 2021, Cyprus

Our firm is the contributor of the Cyprus chapter in the Chambers & Partners Employment 2021 Global Practice Guide. The new Employment 2021 guide covers 52 jurisdictions and...
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6 September 2021

Cyprus Foreign Investment Restrictions

We are most pleased to have contributed the Cyprus chapter of Lex Mundi’s Global Investment Restrictions Guide. Specific questions and topics addressed in this guide include:...
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