NFTs as Cryptoassets: The Next Dot-com Bubble?

14th Apr 2022

The late 1990s to early 2000s were a time when the internet – still in its infancy – was akin to the wild-west; new, uncharted, and rapidly growing in usage and adoption. The accompanying excitement over this new technology fuelled a stock market bubble caused by untenable speculation on dot-com companies. The bubble finally burst in March of 2000, resulting in the NASDAQ ‘falling by more than 75 percent between March 2000 and October 2002, thus wiping out more than $5 trillion [USD] in market value.’(1) Given the similar rise and the prominence of Non-Fungible Tokens (‘NFTs’) in the headlines over the past year, one cannot help but draw parallels with the dot-com bubble. This poses the question of whether we are in middle of the next dot-com bubble and, should it burst, how much would be wiped off the value of the NFT market.

In this article we discuss what NFTs are, their potential uses and how burgeoning regulatory and legal landscape might provide a formal framework through which they can employed. Read the full article here.


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